Below are some selected testimonials from clients, magazines and other professionals.

"Rich came in and co-wrote all the music with me, as well as co-produced the record. His background of classic thrash metal meets a newer “math” metal style was the perfect combination for me."

- Jeff Waters (Annihilator)

​"Excellent stuff! Rich's productions and playing are very impressive."
Arjen Anthony Lucassen (Ayreon, Star One, Guilt Machine, Stream of Passion, solo)​

​"Rich is a multi-instrumentalist with a self-evident knack for getting the best out of other musicians. Sonically immaculate recordings and arranged with great delicacy."- Prog Magazine (UK)


"Rich was a tremendous person to collaborate with during the mixing process. Excellent sound quality with a good ear and experience for details. He not only made a great mix, he was very professional as well - and a very nice guy!"

Silent Call​​

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